The detail matters


consistently delivers superior performance. This unique technology produces a grid that is more corrosion-resistant and delivers more cranking power than other grid designs.

Precise Manufacturing Process

EXACT PATTERN: Every time for consistent results.

PRECISELY ROLLED AND STAMPED METAL: Formed from a single sheet unlike conventional battery grids.

CLEANER, SAFER ENVIRONMENT: Less energy used than other grid manufacturing methods, and fewer greenhouse gas emissions released.


The most powerful conventional Berga battery – high-performance technology to satisfy the needs of modern vehicles.

  • For conventional vehicles with high energy demands
  • Extremely long service life
  • Stamped Grid Technology for more cranking power and corrosion resistance
  • Made in Europe


These new, maintenance-free, ultra powerful batteries are available in SHD and HD models and provide real advantages in everyday use.

  • SHD: Tour bus, distribution traffic and heavy commercial vehicles without hoteling function
    HD: City delivery with tail lift
  • High cycle life
  • Optimum starting power, maximum cold start performance
  • Maintenance-free due to labyrinth lid technology
  • Stamped Grid Technology for improved corrosion resistance and higher starting power
  • Made in Europe